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At Mom’s Meals, the health of our clients, partners, and employees is paramount. Whether in response to natural disasters, such as tornado’s that recently hit Nashville, TN, or the coronavirus (COVID-19), Mom’s Meals is fully prepared to continue to meet our customers’ needs, including for clients who may have limited ability to leave their homes in the coming months.

Company-wide COVID-19 Preparation

We continue to actively monitor the guidance from public health and regulatory agencies for COVID-19 related risks and prepare accordingly. We have formal Business Continuity plans in place, and are also taking extra precautions to ensure ongoing continuity of service to deliver meals into clients’ and members’ homes.

  • Supply Chain Readiness. Mom’s Meals consistently maintains close connections with our suppliers to ensure we can proactively address any potential supply chain disruption. We do not see disruptions to our supply chain that will affect our ability to deliver meals to clients on schedule. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with our suppliers to address issues if any arise.
  • Kitchen and Fulfillment Facilities. Mom’s Meals maintains two kitchen production facilities (IA and OH) and three fulfillment facilities (IA, OH, NV) that continually prepare, package, and distribute meals. Currently, the CDC advises food preparation is an extremely low risk mode of transmission. Regardless, Mom’s Meals continues to reinforce our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Policy with kitchen and fulfillment teams – including strict requirements for hand-washing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In addition, we have instituted additional cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing efforts, including increasing the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. Quality Assurance staff conducts equipment pre-operational inspections every morning to assure efficiency and efficacy of the Cleaning/Sanitation Program. USDA/FSIS Inspectors verify this program daily. 
  • Distribution Capabilities. Mom’s Meals delivers meals via 200+ home delivery drivers regionally located throughout the United States. All Mom’s Meals drivers received training on safe distancing from members, use hand-washing and hand sanitizers before and after delivering meals, not reporting to work with sign of illness per CDC guidelines. We also use third party carriers to provide nationwide coverage and an overarching model that can support our entire business if there are interruptions with any of our local drivers.

Meal Access

We are fully prepared to take action when necessary to ensure continuity of access to the meals our clients need, including those who may have limited ability to travel outside their homes for several months. 

Workforce Planning

We are continuously monitoring the national coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, reviewing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization, and monitoring the environment for COVID-19 related risks as we develop plans for travel and flexible work arrangements (e.g., telecommuting) to help ensure our employees stay safe and healthy. Per our Business Continuity Plan, actions are in place to prevent disruption in service to our members.

Additional Resources

Latest developments on COVID-19 can be found at the About Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Frequently Asked Questions and Answers website.

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