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Dysphagia Awareness Month

A Letter to Our Community

Today marks the start of Dysphagia Awareness Month, a statute passed by Congress in 2008, advocated for by the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders, to raise awareness of the impact dysphagia has on individuals and their loved ones, and the often under-recognized burden to our overtaxed healthcare system.

There are many times where I have struggled with feelings of frustration in the wake of recent events — personal health scares, the toll of the pandemic, senseless acts of violence. I’ve grappled with what it means to be hopeful when feeling outgunned, and my conclusion is to act.

Many people find the NFOSD community when they are at their lowest point in their dysphagia journey.

What I believe – and hope that many here have found through our organization – is that by acting (e.g., self-advocacy, finding the right healthcare provider), individuals and their loved ones are empowered to learn about their conditions, find appropriate treatment avenues, connect with others to share support, and become a community that provides hope.

I invite you to join us this month for several opportunities to help raise awareness, learn more, and support one another. Let this be a month to recognize and celebrate the advances towards better treatment for those impacted by swallowing disorders. I assure you, there are many reasons to be hopeful.

Please reach out; I would love to hear from those in our community and how we can continue to support you.

Ed Steger, NFOSD President
Head and Neck Cancer Survivor

P.S. If you are not already an annual member, please consider becoming an NFOSD member (suggested donations: patients/caregivers ($10/year); SLP and other therapists ($40/year); physicians ($60/year). We need your support to continue our mission of making life better for all those with dysphagia. Click here to sign up for your 2022 membership.

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